18 Year Old You


I don’t know who you’re trying to be

Or what you’re trying to prove


You put your makeup so thick

You don’t need that extra eyeliner flick


I did not call you

because you’re easy now


I did not kiss you

because you’re prettier now


I did not go home with you

because you’re skinnier now


In my mind

I’m holding the 18 year old you

in my arms

So innocent, cheerful, and true


Before he destroyed you 

Before the world pressured you

I should have been there

But I couldn’t


Now it’s too late

You won’t let me fix you

But I will still love you

Because for me,

You are still you

The 18 year old you


– Washington, 2014


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Nina Bobo

This is the lyrics to a song that I’m finally willing to publish. I’m working on recording the melody to it with the help of some friends back home but we’ll see. I still think that I have a horrid voice…


Malam penuh bintang

Bermandikan cahaya terang

Tidurlah, tidur, sayang

Dalam mimpimu cobalah terbang


Berlarilah dan gapai pelangi

Berputar di atas awan

Kunjungi setiap bintang

Dan kau ‘kan temukan rahasia semesta


Tidurlah, tidur, sayang

Dalam mimpimu cobalah terbang

-Bandung, 2007

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I Once Loved a Boy

I once loved a boy

and he loved me too

We met by the stars

with a drink or two


I once loved a boy

and he loved me too

He kissed me good night

as the sky turned blue


I once loved a boy

and he loved me too

We both had to choose

and we chose what’s true


I once loved a boy

and he loved me too

I opened my heart

and he saw me through


I once loved a boy

and he loved me too

Our love was insane

Last like a tattoo


I once loved a boy

and he loved me too

To the point I forget

what I sign up to


I once loved a boy

and he loved me too

But he had to leave

so he kissed me adieu

– Washington, 2013


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Until I See You Soon, My Love

I count miles

I count days

I realize how you are so faraway

I’m scared of miles

I’m scared of days

I’m scared that this love won’t stay

But I remind myself of you,

what we’ve been through

You’re a dream come true

This love worth the fight

I know deep down insde

All these battles worth the while

To soon have you by my side

Bandung, 2010

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A Poem from The Boyfriend

It was a day like many others, slowly dragging my feet as I walked to my class; 

Loneliness was upon me, a dilemma so rare for one so young and unlikely to pass.
I prayed in my loneliness that I find something great enough to live and die for, 

But through my search and struggles, this was nothing more than a chore. 

Suddenly my dilemma became a dream when I entered my class on that day,
I looked at her and my body reacted as I sat next to her without delay.
Her hair was thick and silky and black as the midnight sky,
Her skin lightly toasted and kissed by the sun, the color of obsidian in her eye.

No man in the class was luckier than I to sit next to a girl so exotic,
My heart became weak and sank into my stomach of jelly, her beauty was hypnotic.
As I tried to speak to her my words were caught in my throat,
Should I greet her and say hello? Or should I impress her with a witty quote?

A few simple words were all I need to get her look at me,
We greeted each other and she smiled at me for which my heart sang in glee.
I never felt such warmth when I sat next to her, like a flame to my heart,
But when the hour came near she was something that I could not part.

I had to do something quick, so I packed my things and greeted her after class.
I caught her in time to ask her my question as my heart weighed heavy like brass
“Please would you like to study with me?”
She smiled at me and nodded and this how my true love came to be.

-Russell Caswell

Enumclaw, 2011


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Fat Bundle of Joy – A Poem for a Pug

My lazy dog

enjoying the sun

He has his round eyes closed

and his pink tongue out


My lazy dog

covered in tan fur

His chin between his paws

sleeping so soundly


He’d sometimes

bark in his sleep

shaking his fat hip


When his button nose poked

he opens his round eyes

Blink at me twice

then close them eyes again


Enumclaw, 2011

inspired by “Love That Dog” by Sharon Creech

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Mencari Anting Merah

Mantan saya ngasih anting sebelum saya pindah ke Amerika. Saya nggak pernah terima anting merah itu dan dia baru kasih tau saya hari ini…

Sepasang anting merah

Lenyap ditelan masa

Tanda cinta yang tak pernah sampai

Karena waktu

Tak mentakdirkan mereka untuk bersatu


Sepasang anting merah

Disembunyikan dibalik tumpukan baju

Dengan harapan dia melihatnya

Dan tahu

Itu untuknya


Tapi takdir berakata lain

Anting merah hilang bersama angin

Begitu juga cinta mereka

Hilang di dua benua


Anting merah tanda cinta dia

Mungkinkah cintanya kembali

Jika anting merah ditemukan


Jika ya,

dia akan mencari

Sampai mati

Di setiap sudut kota


Seperti dulu dia mencari

Pria seperti dia


Auburn, 2011

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